Being an artiste is serious business - you gotta obsess over details, burst at the seams with inspiration, and spring into creative problem-solving.

Meet your virtuoso

Photo taken by Isaiah Teeny; Edit and Gif by Prisma Flores

With over 10 years of experience creating identity systems for small businesses and local organizations, Prisma (prees-mah) has built herself a reputation as a competent multi-disciplinary designer translating the simplest narratives into influential works.

One example of her handiwork was her social media marketing strategy for the Pocatello Running Club of SE Idaho that resulted in the immediate increase of membership and attendance. Her creative content for social media platforms is high in demand.

Beyond balancing work, student-life and day-dreaming, Prisma enjoys learning about adventure sports.

What’s your story?

Create a memorable brand identity with Prisma - your business is her business.
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